Hand Tool
One of the burdens in hand tool procurement is the abundance of products available in the marketplace. Finding hand tool that can respond completely to the requirements of the customers at a reasonable price can be difficult.

Sumipol realizes such an existing complication; we have strived to select hand tool from around the world and proudly present the following top two brands to fulfill the users’ needs.

KRISBOW: Sumipol, the sole authorized distributor in Thailand,introduces the brand from the USA with the concept of “All products under one brand” that you can trust with notable quality together at a reasonable price.

Download Catalog: Hand Tool

Abrasive Tool

Polishing is an essential step and  has an important effect on work piece quality. A versatility of polishing process includes types and materials of the work pieces as well as the polishing equipment itself.

Sumipol understands the industry’s needs; we, therefore, have selected only the top brands, convering industrial and maintenance applications. They are;

KRISBOW: Krisbow offers a variety of abrasive tool to serve customers’ needs.

Download Catalog: Abrasive Tool

Safety Product
Safety for employees in working operations is crucial. Sumipol realizes this importance and has carefully selected only the top brands, which provide high quality and long experience;Krisbow,Synos,King,Dove Mark and Ansell.

Download Catalog: Safety Product

Air Tool
Air tool is another product that helps complete the manufacturing process. Hence, we have selected air tool which can raise the performance of the manufacturing process. Highlights include;

KRISBOW: Once again with Krisbow products, the focus is on spray gun, air dusters, and air/paint hoses.

Download Catalog: Air Tool

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