Coolant Proof Micrometer Series 293

Coolant Proof Micrometers MDC-MX Series with Dust / Water Protection Conforming to IP65 Level

Twice as Long Battery Life as before and Drastic Improvement in Measurement Efficiency

  • World’s highest performing micrometer overall.
  • Extended battery life of approximately 2.4 years.
  • Ergonomic anti-slip frame cover and front panel for more comfortable hand-held measurements.
  • Ratchet thimble provides better operability for one-handed operation.
  • Oil-resistant material used for all plastic parts
  • Models equipped with a Digimatic output port can form part of a statistical process control or networked measurement system.
  • Interface Input Tools are available that enable the conversion of measurement data to keyboard signals that are then directly input to cells in off-the-shelf spreadsheet software such as Excel.
  • Two types of constant-force devices are available: Ratchet Stop and Ratchet Thimble.
  • Measuring faces: Carbide.
Technical Data
Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.Resolution: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mmFlatness: 0.3µm/.000012”Parallelism: 1µm/.00004” for models up to 50mm/2”2µm/.00008” for models up to 100mm/4”3µm/.00012” for models up to 175mm/7”4µm/.00016” for models up to 275mm/11”5µm/.0002” for models over 300mm/12”Measuring faces: Carbide tippedDisplay: LCDBattery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882Battery life: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use(8 months: over 100mm models)Dust/Water protection level: IP65Function
Origin-set, Zero-setting, Automatic power on/off, Data hold,Data output, inch/mm conversion(inch/mm models)Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition errorOptional Accessories05CZA662: SPC cable with data switch (1m/40”)05CZA663: SPC cable with data switch (2m/80”)
Order NoDescriptionRangeAccuracyRemarks
293-230-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX0-25mm±1µmwith ratchet stop
293-231-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX25-50mm±1µmwith ratchet stop
293-232-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX50-75mm±1µmwith ratchet stop
293-233-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX75-100mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
293-234-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP650-25mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble
293-235-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP6525-50mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble
293-236-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX50-75mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble
293-237-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX75-100mm±2µmwith ratchet thimble
293-240-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX0-25mm±1µmwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-241-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP6525-50mm±1µmwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-242-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX50-75mm±1µmwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-243-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX75-100mm±2µmwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-244-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP650-25mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-245-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP6525-50mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-246-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX50-75mm±1µmwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-247-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX75-100mm±2µmwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-250-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65100-125mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
293-251-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65125-150mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
293-252-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65150-175mm±3µmwith ratchet stop
293-253-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65175-200mm±3µmwith ratchet stop
293-254-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65200-225mm±3µmwith ratchet stop
293-255-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65225-250mm±4µmwith ratchet stop
293-256-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65250-275mm±4µmwith ratchet stop
293-257-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65275-300mm±4µmwith ratchet stop


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Product Name : Coolant Proof Micrometer Series 293