Digital Outside Micrometers – Series 193

  • Mechanical digit counter with 0.01mm or .001″ reading for quick and error-free reading
  • With a standard bar except for 0-25mm / 0 -1” model.
Technical Data
Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.Counter reading: 0.01mm or .001"Graduation: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .001" or .0001"Flatness: 0.6ìm / .000024”Parallelism: (2+R/100)µm, R=max. range (mm)[.00008” + .00004” (L/4)]”, L= max. range (inch)Measuring faces: Carbide tipped 
Order NoRangeAccuracyRemarks
193-1010-25mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-10225-50mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-10350-75mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-10475-100mm±3µmwith ratchet stop
193-1110-25mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-11225-50mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-11350-75mm±2µmwith ratchet stop
193-11475-100mm±3µmwith ratchet stop


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Product Name : Digital Outside Micrometers – Series 193