Micrometer Heads Series 150- Common Type in Middle Size

  • Ratchet stop for constant force.
  • Long spindle type is available for a variety of applications.
  • Carbide tipped measuring face.

Technical Data
Graduations: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .001″ or .0001″
Spindle pitch: 0.5mm
Spindle face: Flat with carbide tip* (more than HRA90)
or spherical, lapped surface *Long spindle type: SKS3 (more than HRC60)
Scale surface: Hard-chrome plating
Fixture thickness for clamp nut: 11.5mm

Order NumberRangeAccuracyStem DiameterStem/Spindle faceRemarks
150-1890-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier(0.001mm)
150-1900-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier(0.001mm)
150-1910-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)-
150-1920-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier(.001")
150-1950-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier(.001mm)
150-1960-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier(.001mm)
150-2090-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)-
150-2100-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)-
150-2110-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/o ratchet stop
150-2120-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)w/o ratchet stop
150-2190-25mm±2µm10mmPlain/FlatLong spindle
150-2200-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/FlatLong spindle
150-8020-25mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Spherical(SR4)-
150-82125-0mm±2µm10mmPlain/Flat(carbide tip)-
150-82225-0mm±2µm10mmw/clamp nut/Flat(carbide tip)-


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Product Name : Micrometer Heads Series 150- Common Type in Middle Size