As today’s manufacturers need to control processes to produce a consistant and reliable product, meanwhile precision surface measuring engineering is required increasingly, surface measurement is a key part of maintaining control of the process, by checking output to ensure that all the finished workpieces are not outside of specification.


However, defects may occur either in material surfaces during or after processing. At this point, surface measurement or defect analysis is essential for providing exact information to improve effectiveness and efficiency of workpiece’s surfaces. Surface measurement is therefore a vital tool to confirm a surface roundness stability for its functions. Mitutoyo, the world’s leader in measuring device who has researched and developed surface measurement technology for many years, is pleased to introduce a small portable surface roughness tester – Surftest SJ-210 which is small, light-weighted and user friendly.



The Surftest SJ-210 allows surface roughness waveforms right there on the 2.4-inch LCD colour display. It even comes with backlight support for improving visibility in dark environment.Other advanced features include;

• internal and/or external data storage capabilities,

• extensive display features,

• stylus alarm function,

• multi-lingual display interface supports up to 16 languages and password-protected function.


The SJ-210 is versatile, being capable of performing measurements in any orientation, including vertical and upside-down. The drive unit can be separated from the display unit by using a cable,allowing more flexible measurement. Optional accessories are available such as a height gage adapter, allowing measurements to be performed efficiently in various situations and setups.