With their experience and close working relationship with customers of various sizes for many years, Big Daishowa understands how the choice of tool holder affects production costs in machining. So Big Daishowa has designed the Mega ER Grip that satisfies the 4 requirements for tool holders; clamping force, concentricity, rigidity and balance at high spindle speeds. Big’s Mega ER Grip is a high quality ER collet chuck, where its main components-collet, clamping nuts and chuck bodies-have been designed and manufactured with high precision technology that has adopted both DIN and ISO standards. This results in high quality and high performance, with a 2 µm runout accuracy and 3 times longer tools life than other tool holders. The Mega ER Grip features easy nut tightening with the Mega Wrench and is available with 2 types of cooling supply; Through Tools and Jet Through.