ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-C-Peak-Value Hold Type

  • The new Peak Hold-Type Digimatic Indicator features both a Key-Lock and Parameter-Lock to prevent accidental changing of settings during operation.
  • Parameter setting software makes it even eay to set all available parameters.
  • An analog bar provides easy-to-read values when scanning for Max, Min and TIR Values.
  • The maximum, minimum or runout value can be displayed during measurement.
  • Go/no-go judgment is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances for max., min. and runout values.
  • High speed sampling ratio of 50 times/s.
  • Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the Signal ID-C always displays the spindle Absolute Position from the origin when turned on.

Technical Data
Resolution: 0.001-0.01mm or .00005-.0005”/ 0.001-0.01mm Display: LCD
Length standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance-type linear encoder
Max. response speed: Unlimited
Measuring force: 1.5N or less
Battery: CR2032 (1 pc.), 05SAA217
Battery life: Approx. 12 months under normal use
IP Rating: Equivalent to IP-42*1
*1 A protection class indication (IP=lnternational Protection) is based on the IEC 60529 /DIN40050 part 1/JIS D0207, C0920. The level indicated is valid only if the output connector cap is installed.


Product Name : ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-C-Peak-Value Hold Type