Micrometer Heads Series 152-for XY-Stage

152-390, 152-389, 152-391, 152-392

  • Non-rotating device is attached to the spindle tip.
  • Floating thimble allows easy zero setting at any spindle position.
  • Bidirectional graduation for easy reading in both directions.
    152-401, 152-402
  • Adjustable spindle can be moved with the thimble held at any position,
    allowing easy zero-setting.

Technical Data
Graduations: 0.005mm, 0.001mm* *vernier reading
Spindle pitch: 1mm
Spindle face: Flat (hardened) or spherical with carbide tip (more than HRA90), lapped surface
Scale surface: White anodized aluminum

Order NumberRangeAccuracyStem DiameterStem/Spindle faceRemarks
152-3890-25mm±2µm18mmPlain/Flat (hardened)with non-rotating devicefor Y-axis,Bidirectional grad.
152-3900-25mm±2µm18mmPlain/Flat (hardened)with non-rotating devicefor X-axis,Bidirectional grad.
152-401*0-25mm±2µm18mmPlain/Spherical with carbide tip (SR10)for Y-axis,with vernier
152-402*0-25mm±2µm18mmPlain/Spherical with carbide tip (SR10)for X-axis with vernier


Product Name : Micrometer Heads Series 152-for XY-Stage