Resin bond wheels – Flank Master Type-R

For circumference grinding & cutting edge finishing.

By the “BFX Bond” developed for circumference grinding, the wheel achieves both of high efficiency grinding and long life.

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Ideal for thickness processing of carbide/cermet cutting-edge replacement chips

The employment of the “BFX Bond” with newly developed special metal filler added improves the heat dissipation performance over conventional resin bond wheels. Thermal degradation of abrasive grains and binding material due to grinding heat can be reduced and good sharpness and long life can be realized simultaneously.
Three grades are available to meet various grinding conditions and workpiece requirements.
“BFX-L: Priority to sharpness spec.” “BFX-N: Standard spec.” “BFX-P: Priority to life spec.”



  • Using a special metal filler
  • heat radiation is dramatically improved. It suppresses the thermal deterioration of abrasive grains and bonding material caused by the heat during processing
  • providing good sharpness and long life.


Cutting-edge processing of cutting-edge replacement chips of carbide/cermet



  • Machine/tools


Work Material

  • Carbide/cermet


Processing Method

  • Other grinding