Turning Tools – Ultra-Precision cutting for ultra fine grooving tool

UPC-Nano groove


Highly precise ultra fine grooving not achievable by the photolithography and ion beam processing can be realized.

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Highly precise linear grooving is enabled by the world’s smallest class cutting edge.

A rectangular grooving tool having a cutting edge width as small as 3 μm. Grooves of high aspect ratio not achievable by the photolithography and ion beam methods can be produced within a short period of time.

The cutting edge that is very precise and durable makes this tool ideal for linear ultra fine grooving of holographic gratings and ultra fine & clear grooving of LCD light guide plates.



The dimensional accuracy ±0.5 μm is the world’s highest level. Highly precise and durable cutting edge.


Holographic grating molds, linear fine grooving, molds that require ultra fine grooving, optical sheet molds


  • Optical/precision equipment
  • semiconductor/electronics
  • others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material
  • Resin/rubber
  • Others

Processing Method

  • Turning
  • Grooving/cutting process
  • Others