Tap Holder – SynchroMaster

To help manufacturers who use machining centers with synchronous spindles overcome common tapping obstacles, OSG Corporation has recently introduced a new generation synchronized tap holder – the SynchroMaster – engineered to turbocharge performance by dampening excessive forces in rigid tapping environment.

  • New generation synchronized tap holder designed to maximize the performance of your A-Tap tools.
  • Micro compensator reduces axial forces in the machining process.
  • Suitable for both internal and external coolant.
  • Prevents tap slippage with the square hole design.


Recommended Tooling Combination


Tap Holder

  • BT Shank Holder M3~M12
  • HSK Shank Holder M3~M12
  • ST Shank Holder M3~M12


  • GH Type (for center-through and external coolant supply) 8items
  • GHC Type (for collet-through) 8items