Vitrified bond wheels – Diamond/CBN Lapping plate

“DPG Wheel / VDP series”


The DPG (Diamond Pellet Grinding) wheel is a bonded grain wheel developed to solve problems (such as work environment and industrial wastes generation) in lapping by use of loose abrasive grains. High efficiency and high precision lapping is possible.

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A bonded grain lapping plate friendly to people and environment.

The “VDP Bond” series developed based on vitrified bond is employed in order to maintain good grain holding power and sharpness in bonded grain lapping.
Generally speaking, when the bonded grain plate is made with the same grain size as lapping by use of loose abrasive grains, the lapping speed becomes faster, but the surface roughness and appearance deteriorate. Also, they can be improved by using fine grains, but the sharpness deteriorates to cause the lapping speed to drop.
“VDP Bond” Series retains the sharpness even when fine grains are used.



  • The amount of industrial wastes is reduced significantly. A clean work environment is realized. Lapping at a speed 5 to 100 times faster than lapping by use of loose abrasive grains is possible. The extended life of the plate and gear reduces materials and facility maintenance cost. The conventional processes of grinding and lapping can be integrated.


High precision and high efficiency thickness processing of ferrous material, carbide, glass, ceramics, etc.



  • Automobile/transportation equipment
  • optical/precision equipment
  • machine/tool
  • others


Work Material

  • Ferrous material
  • carbide/cermet
  • glass/ceramics
  • magnetic material
  • others


Processing Method

  • Double-ended surface grinding
  • etc.