Vitrified bond wheels – VX

VITMATE series


By the bond that has high grain holding power and dressing performance, the wheel ensures high efficiency grinding of various ferrous material parts and improvement of productivity.

Ultimate bond with high abrasive grain holding power and dressing performance

The wettability of bond and abrasive grains has been improved to increase the grain holding power significantly. This enables the properties of CBN grains to be utilized fully to achieve high efficiency grinding and tooling cost reduction.
Also the good dressing performance facilitates the adjustment of wheel surfaces during grinding operations to improve productivity.



  • A bond with good sharpness and dressing performance
  • exerting its effectiveness in machining where the grinding burn is likely to occur.


Industry/automobile, bearings, home appliances, tool, machine, gear, mold; Application/mass production parts processing ; Work/cam, crankshaft, injection needle, rocker arm, turbo parts, compressor parts, bearings, linear bearings, ball screw, motor parts, machine tool bed



  • Automobile/transportation equipment
  • machine/tool
  • bearings


Work Material

  • Ferrous material
  • Inconel/titanium


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding
  • cylindrical grinding
  • and other grinding