Vitrified bond wheels – for LT/LN wafer grinding

Nanomate Premium


This wheel can grind brittle LT wafers used for SAW filters with low damage and high quality.

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Achieved low damage processing of LT (lithium tantalite) wafers

Because fragile LT wafers used as the SAW filter tend to get broken in processing, improving the surface roughness of machined surfaces is required.
“Nanomate Premium,” having a high porosity abrasive layer with excellent durability of sharpness, provides low damage machining by the added body shape with a function of efficiently feeding to the grinding point.



  • The high porosity abrasive layer ensures long-lasting sharpness. The newly developed body shape allows uniform supply of grinding fluid to grinding points. High efficiency and high quality grinding is now possible.


Precision surface grinding of LT wafers



  • Semiconductor/electronics


Work Material

  • Semiconductor material


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding