IoT Platform สำหระบอุตสาหกรรม

Increase efficiency Maximize profits

Technimal IoT platform for industry, powerful and flexible To create digital transformation in your factory Easily collect and analyze data from any device. Then display results on the application to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. and maximize profits in Real-Time

Bring out the full potential of your machines.

Easily connect, collect and display data from industrial machines.

Analyze data anywhere, anytime.

Can open and view in-depth information for analysis Solve problems in Real-Time

Improve and develop
production lines from data.

Helps reduce machine downtime By sending notifications to administrators when problems occur. Improve production for better efficiency

Technimal Application

Production inspection

Production monitoring

Increase work efficiency with Real-Time OEE
Downtime and Performance report.

Factory Production Dashboard
Machine Condition Dashboard

Check machine status

Condition monitoring

Quickly respond to machine operating conditions

With Real-Time inspection

Preventative maintenance

Predictive Maintenace

Analyze, predict and avoid machine failures.

All styles in your factory

Machine Predictive Maintenance
Factory Process Optimization

Increase the efficiency of the production process

Process Optimization

Empower employees with production process insights. Improve work procedures to be more efficient.

Data efficiency

Collect high quality data that are necessary for use.

Convenient, easy to install

Smart Box, one box that connects everything.

End-to-End Service

Complete service including assessment, consultation, demonstration and installation.

Low initial investment

Low initial cost, reasonable cost Accessible for all plants.

We are ready to provide service.

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