Advantage of U-WAVE

Higher efficiency

Can send data with just one button operation. Therefore, there is no need to type in the information yourself. This may cause incorrect information to be recorded. This system can greatly improve work efficiency.

Centralized data management

Measurement data can be managed instantly and centrally. to show the quality of measurement Helps prevent errors from production

New products ready to use

Easy connection of the device to the measuring instrument greatly simplifies the work and reduces unnecessary costs.

U-WAVE solves measurement process problems!


  1. Manually recording measurement data results in inefficient data and frequent errors.
  2. Wireless transmission of measurement data is preferred. But considering that a high initial investment is required.
  3. There are many measurement tools that take a long time to analyze the data.


  1. U-WAVE instantly transmits measurement results from the measuring instrument to your computer without the need to manually type data, making the data reliable. and gain greater efficiency in operations
  2. The initial investment is not expensive because U-WAVE can be connected to inexpensive instrumentation and there is no need to purchase replacement equipment.
  3. U-WAVE can connect up to 100 measuring instruments and send data to a computer for immediate analysis.

Smart Measurement Smart measurement access

U-WAVE a system for transferring measurement data from Mitutoyo measuring instruments to user software such as Excel or Notepad via wireless transmission, saves time and reduces errors in data recording. It also reduces costs and improves efficiency.
U-WAVE fit measurement data transmitter designed for compact Mitutoyo measuring instruments for better usability.

Higher efficiency

Fast and reliable data collection It will help to judge the measurement results better. Helps increase inspection ability.

Centralized data management

Can connect up to 100 digital measuring instruments.

Cost reduction

If the measuring instrument used is damaged The connected device can be moved immediately to a new instrument.
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