Stock management for customers

Store stock of cutting tools and especially measurement tools
from Mitutoyo, the largest in the Asia Pacific. Keep stock according
to customer requirements. Inquire and keep updated.
Ready to respond immediately to production

Delivery of desired products throughout the country

We have a quality team ready to deliver products all over the country.
With delivery in more than 20 routes, more than 30 teams, including many transportation partners With Just in time support, which can be delivered immediately for production when you need it

Modernized Inventory management and effective process

From standard to specialized products, we manage the stock using our ERP program, updated for production trends and customer demands consistently in order to have the optimal variety and quantity of the stock

Logistics Centers located in prime production hubs

For efficient distribution, our 3 logistics centers are strategically located in Onnut in Bangkok, Amata City Industrial Estate in Chonburi, and in Rayong.

Fast Delivery to factory door nationwide

The Sumipol team is ready to deliver products to customers’ factories when needed in more than 20 major routes, supplemented by delivering partners, enabling countrywide coverage.

We are happy to serve

If you are interested in the service or want to ask for initial information. contact us now!

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