We are trusted by top manufacturers of tools, machines, and robots and automation in Japan as their authorized distributor. We collaborate with them in a range of areas, such as manufacturing process improvement, technical service, trainings and after-sales service.


A prime Japanese manufacturer with an international reputation for machining tools made from carbide & super hard materials. Their factory in Thailand has been operating for 20 years and they are one of the best in the made-to-order service and regrinding to manufacturers’ standards. Sumitomo also established a state of the art technology technical training center in Thailand.


A leading Japanese manufacturer of machining tools made from High Strength Steel (HSS) and a prime manufacturer of industrial tools such as end mills and tapping and threading tools, which with their highly accuracy are popular with automotive parts manufacturers. Their factory in Thailand was established nearly two decades ago. They are the only manufacturer and repairer of tools such as rollers and screws in the country.


The manufacturer of grinding wheels made of diamond and boron nitride (PDC & CBN) under the brand “Osaka Diamond”. They are well-respected in Japan for their accuracy, cost-efficiency and quality. A.L.M.T has been making grinding wheels and other industrial products according to the needs of their local clients in their Thai factory for over 20 years. They have both made-to-order and dressing services which help to reduce costs.


The manufacturer of tooling systems with the highest quality and precision which has been well-respected throughout Japanese industry for a long time. Thailand is the only country where Big Daishowa has established an overseas Sales and Service Office, specifically to support Sumipol to provide technical service for their customers.


The world’s largest manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. At Sumipol’s Eastern Office they have established their Demonstration Center, which provides various services and demonstrates their measuring instruments. Mitutoyo has been in co-operation with Sumipol in providing various training and quality assurance for more than 10 years.