Machining Solutions


Precision machining is an important and complex process that requires engineering design of all components to achieve production efficiency and quality output at a competitive cost. Our long experience gives us the ability to provide solutions that help our customers’ achieve success.

Machining Solution
Sumipol provides advice to select the most suitable tools and machines for customers’ applications and requirements. Time-study and cost analysis are used to help design and plan the most effective machining process.
Machining Solution
Test Cut Service of actual tools is performed to aid decision making
Machining Solution
Line Diagnosis is carried out to identify any problems, followed by process improvement aimed at increasing productivity and reducing time and cost.
Machining Solution
Regrind and recoat of tools to manufacturers’ standards extend the useful life, resulting in costs savings.

Engineering Service

Engineering services for cutting processes to develop and improve production efficiency

Machine Installation and Training

Product delivery and installation to manufacturers’ standards are provided, along with product training for users.

Stock Management

One of the most important factors in factory operation is the continuity of manufacturing which require thousands tools and equipment. In order to ease the burden of this matter for clients, Sumipol focuses on stock management with advanced systems to ensure efficient preparation of 50,000 products such that they are ready for the clients with prompt delivery.

After-Sales Services

After sales service solve technical problems of use and update the current technology For continuous improvement


Through its alliances with Sumitomo, A.L.M.T, and OSG, Sumipol has assisted in establishing local factories in Thailand from more than 20 years ago in order to develop custom-made tools for customers. These localized facilities provide not only convenience, but also offer lower costs.

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