Diagnose the current production process

Check the current production process. Since machine operation problems, Cutting time, Wear characteristics and Tool life to analyze bottleneck processes and costs arranging important problems for improvement

Plan production improvements

From current issues. Used to set operational goals, solution, time frame and benefits that will be received both cost and production time before – after the improvement by focusing on the quality of workpieces according to the needs of customers

Recommend tools suitable for production

Analyze and select suitable tools. Ready to test the actual use compared with the original equipment to see the difference and find the stability of the device to prevent it from repeating

Complete diagnosis from start to finish production

Production diagnostics are examined from the overall system check. Raw material processing start various measurements until the final quality inspection

Free initial consultation

Can discuss and analyze basic problems with Sumipol’s experts directly with more than 30 years of experience that can answer the most production processes.

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Sumipol’s Line Diagnosis service has an experienced team that takes care of the production process both semi-automatically and factory automation. Covering from consulting planning process and suggesting the right machinery for the factory

  • Analyze time, Production cost and Whole production process to find bugs that may cause errors as well as where improvements can be made to offer customers the most suitable solution
  • Check costs by calculating Cost Per Unit calculations about how much a single product will cost. If the production has been improved, how much will the cost be reduced?
  • Design and development of various systems to change the factory into a fully automated system. Increase production efficiency and reduce overall costs.
  • Calculate the wear and tear of each type of machinery, cutting equipment, clamps and other tools. Presenting information to clients for further long-term planning
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