Denso IoT

DENSO IoT Products

Connect to various automation devices without having to write programs yourself through ready-made functions Just set up the connection with the desired device.

Bring out the full potential of your machines

Able to extract insights from PLC, robot, camera, etc. (Digital / analog) from multiple devices simultaneously.

Analyze data anywhere, anytime.

Collect data, process, record, notify, publish, analyze, and display data in Real-Time. Able to store historical data for viewing retrospectively.

Improve and Develop
production lines from data

Help manage information from production unit system to production lines,
factories, and the cloud.


IoT Data Server

Communication medium equipment

Highly reliable industrial computers Quick to install and operate Comes with built-in data integration function (IoT Data Share) and Dashboard display function (IoT Data View). No need to install additional programs. 

Connect to multiple devices in the production line per one IoT Data Server via the Internet network in both wireless and wire formats.

Denso IoT Data Server
IoT Data Share


IoT Data Share

Data integration software

Software for connecting many automation devices together. Without having to write a new program to collect, process, and record data results.

IoT Data View

Real-time screen display program

The program can be accessed through supported web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge IE 11, to display results by connecting data to desired display areas such as graphs and labels. 

No need to install additional software on display devices such as Desktop PC, Labtop or Smart TV.

IoT Data View



Display production line results using the IoT system

Works on ORiN (Datashare) Middlewear to seamlessly connect between Device Database and IoT Application platform and is easy to add on additional functions later and easy to use even for those who do not have basic programming knowledge.

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