Machining Solution
Sumipol advises customers on selecting the most suitable tools and machines for their specific applications and requirements.
Machining Solution
Test Cut Service of actual tools is performed to aid decision making
Machining Solution
Line Diagnosis is carried out to identify any problems in the production process, followed by process improvement
Machining Solution
Regrinding and recoating used tools to meet manufacturers’ standards extends their useful life, resulting in cost savings.

Machine Installation and Training

Product delivery and installation to manufacturers’ standards are provided, along with product training for users.

Stock Management

Inventory is managed to enable immediate delivery, allowing for a prompt response to customer demands and efficient business operations.

After-Sales Services

Provision of Technological updates and troubleshooting assistance.


By collaborating in manufacturing technology, we provide technical service and develop applications to optimize production efficiency.

We are ready to serve you.

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