It’s obvious that industrial products from Thailand are now gaining global acceptance due to their high standard and quality. Such stardard and quality did not happen by itself, but came about from the appropriate technology and importantly, them being tested with high-standard and internationally recognized testing machines.


The mechanical properties of product measured by the tester are used to determine the product’s quality. The Universal Testing Machine (Single Pillar) model NRI-TSS500-2S (Tension & Compression). with a capacity of 100 Kg (1kN), by Narin Instruments Company, has the highest sales and is the most widely used testing machine by the leading manufacturers. It’s suitable for testing parts or products made of rubber, plastics, polymers, steel wiress, paper, film, textiles and packaging products. This universal testing and provides step control of tension and compression.


The Universal Testing Machine (Tension & Compression) model NRI-TSS500-2S is produced with rigid frames that guarantee the tester’s rigidity so that it is capable of testing avariety of products. It’s operated and controlled by computer. Its tolerance complies with JIS B7721, ISO 7500-1, BS1610, DIN51221 Class 1, ASTM E4 and EN 10002-2 Grade 1.0 standards.