You might have experience with or know about process control in the factory or in the laboratory where production or experiments are run continuously for days and nights. With this situation, there are chances of data recording errors due to human error from manual recording. Mistakes like these are difficult to avoid.


Fortunately, today’s advanced measuring equipment can eliminate such problems. The Almemo® 2470 series is a highly effective universal measuring and long-term data logger for 1 or 2 measuring inputs. The equipment features a modern design and multi functions that allow you to monitor, display and log data with efficiency and ease of use.The user can use the Almemo® 2470 series with sensors from Almemo® and from other brands.


The Almemo® 2470 series (Almemo® 2470-1S, Almemo® 2470-2 , and Almemo® 2470-2S) provide features that enhance ease of use, including eye-friendly LCD display, measuring functions with maximum and minimum value settings, and programming functions that allow the user to limit values and sensor setting and data logger functions with sleep mode for long time recording. The Almemo® 2470 series also provides a socket that makes all output connections possible. There are also options and accessories available for increased measuring efficiency.