In the continuous production of large amounts of small workpieces on production lines, automatic quality inspection is necessary due to its speed, accuracy and high levels of efficiency. One type of automatic inspection equipment is contact-type displacement sensors. The DG-105B contact type displacement sensor DIGIMETRON from Citizen has a range of 10 mm, a compact size, a weight of just 205 g (including the 2 meter-long cable), a resolution of 5 µm, and an accuracy of 5 µm or less through the use of an optical linear encoder, which provides highly efficient signal transmission. The DG-105B can be easily set up using its back panel on machines, fixtures, or parts of the production line. Other than this, it can be used in conjunction with other contact type displacement sensors for a variety of applications, such as thickness measurement of metal sheets by using 2 sensors, as well as the eccentric distance of valve spools, and the automatic separation of good and bad workpieces.