In the production process, safety is a vital factor that managers need to give special importance to.Therefore, in order to avoid the possibility of accidents, spaces in factories should be arranged so that various pieces of equipment and tools are stored safely. Additionally, it is essential to continuously maintain cleanliness. When eliminating dirt and spillages, regardless of whether an oil slick or metal scraps mixed with coolant, that are dangerous and difficult to clean, it is necessary to use highly efficient cleaning equipment such as the BLOVAC DRUM and BLOVAC CLEANER from BLOVAC, a Japanese manufacturer of leading factory-cleaning equipment. The features of this equipment are its use of a vacuum and air system for propulsion, and that it has no electronic mechanisms, which helps reduce maintenance costs

BLOVAC DRUM The BLOVAC DRUM is a system that uses an air pump for suction and pumping of fluids from a drum. It can provide such rapid suction and pumping of fluids, that in just 2 minutes it can pump 200 liters of fluid. The BLOVAC DRUM has 3 versions to choose from, according to working requirements and the type of fluid. These versions are the QTO, suitable for suction and pumping of fluids; the TO, suitable for pumping fluids; and the Q, suitable for suction of fluids. Each piece of equipment can be used with 4 different types of fluids, which are general oil, benzene oil, thinner, and general solvents.

BLOVAC CLEANER The BLOVAC CLEANER is a highly-efficient vacuum cleaner that can be used for suction cleaning and removing dirt, both solid and liquid up to 20 liters, regardless of whether it is dirt deposits or engine oil, granular materials, metal scrapings, or even dust. Its compact size and lightness make it convenient for moving to clean wherever you desire. Not only this, the BLOVAC CLEANER also does not create oil mist while working or have problems with oil splashes.