One thing that makes thread tapping work different from other machining operations is it largely depends on the skills of the operator. As we know, thread tapping work allows for no mistakes. Thanks to advanced innovations, not only is this operation helped to become less dependent on personal skills, it also increases the quality of the finished workpieces.


OSG, a leading cutting tool manufacturer from Japan, has launched the new HXL-SFT and VXL-SFT that offer an ideal balance of performance and cost-efficiency for large-diameter hole thread tapping operations. The HXL-SFT is designed for vertical machines with a 15-degree helix flute geometry to minimize chip size, while the VXL-SFT, features 35- and 45-degree spiral flutes to produce tightly wound chips that evacuate and break off away from the shank of the tap. (and is used for horizontal machines.) Both new designs come with narrower chip room, ensuring smooth chip evacuation and prevention from clogging, resulting in more stable cutting feeds. Additionally, an increased number of flutes from 3 to 4 help decrease the amount of cutting required per flute, therefore reducing cutting load and increasing the durability of the tools.


Last but not least, both the new HXL-SFT and VXL-SFT are made from HSSE steel and processed with Steam Oxide for surface treatment. These products are available from sizes M16 up to M56.