3-Flute Carbide Drill with Oil Hole – ADO-TRS

The ADO-TRS’ unique R gash geometry enables high thrust resistance and exceptional chip control, which are common challenges of 3-flute drills. With its low cutting resistance capability comparable to 2-flute drills, it is able to create short and compact chips stably.

Benefits of 3-Flute Geometry




  1. R gash geometry enables low cutting resistance comparable to 2-flute drills and breaks chips into small manageable pieces
  2. Wide chip pocket configuration enables smooth chip evacuation
  3. High durability EgiAs coating
  4. Enables stable and high efficiency machining in a wide range of materials


Mild Steel・Low Carbon Steel・Medium Carbon Steel・High Carbon Steel・Quenched and Tempered Steel(45~50HRC)・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron・Titanium Alloy


  • ADO-TRS-3D ∅3~∅20
  • ADO-TRS-5D ∅3~∅20



Outstanding cutting chip breakage and consistent chip form








  • Chips from the competitor 3-flute and 2-flute drills are elongated and are the common cause of chip evaluation troubles








ADO-SUS has the least margin wear by restraining heat generation!

After drilling 1,500 holes


Product Name : 3-Flute Carbide Drill with Oil Hole – ADO-TRS