Wireless data logger ALMEMO® 470-1

  • Wireless data logger for 10 wireless sensors
  • Wireless ALMEMO® sensor for temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure. For monitoring the room air condition or with extended operating temperature range from -40 to +85 °C
  • Wireless ALMEMO® interface for ALMEMO® D7 sensor
  • Interface to the PC for WinControl software for measured data scanning and measured value processing
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The professional measuring instrument ALMEMO® 470-1 is a professional wireless data logger, which receives the measured values with timestamp from wireless sensors that are positioned remotely, saves the measured values and shows them on graphical display.
The acquisition of the measured values occurs in a cycle that can be individually adjusted to each wireless sensor: for measurements, i.a. in climate chambers, i.a for monitoring the room air condition or environmental measurements.
For a wireless communication, the data logger ALMEMO® 470-1 operates in the 2.4 frequency band. The network topology between wireless sensors and data logger is radial. You can connect up to 10 wireless sensors to a data logger.
The data logger ALMEMO® 470-1 is intended to be mounted on a wall. The power is supplied via an external mains unit. An additional rechargeable battery in the device serves as a temporary buffer in case of power failure or during a brief mobile usage.