EY Tooling Collet -หัวจับเครื่องมือ


Accuracy is guaranteed as show in the table on the right per the collet capacities.


EY Collets of Superior Endurance and High Accuracy

The EY collets, European-type with 8° taper, are accumulation of our technological experience for more than 40 years and achievement as a maker specializing in collet chucks. They are made of strictly selected material with our sophisticated heat treatment technology and the precision finishing work, thus enabling to assure the superior endurance and the high accuracy.

EY Collets (European type:Taper8°)

EY11:Interchangeable with Regofix(ER11).
EY12:Interchangeable with Schaublin(ESX12).
EY16:Interchangeable with Regofix(ER16)or Schaublin(ESX16).
EY20:Interchangeable with Regofix(ER20)or Schaublin(ESX20).
EY25:Interchangeable with Regofix(ER25)or Schaublin(ESX25).
EY32:Interchangeable with Regofix(ER32)or Schaublin(ESX32).

 Marked items are to be produced on order basis.

EY Chucks with S20T Shank

 EY Collets with S20T Shank is built-to-order manufacturing.

EY Chucks with BT30 Shank

EY Floating Reamer Holder


 · Shank Diameter:Φ25h7
· Collet:EY16(Φ1~Φ10)
· Radial Floating Amount:0.1mm(Radius)