Multi Chucks – หัวจับดอกสว่านน้ำหนักเบา

Multi Chucks

Yukiwa Multi Chucks are the lightweight drill chucks tightened by the chuck key which have been developed for the electric power drills and the air drills. They are mounted on the thread type spindles and most useful drill chucks when the total weight of the tool must be lighter. The customer can select the chuck from the maximum capacities of 6.5mm, 10mm and 13mm.


High Performance for Lightweight

The sleeve is made of steel to lighten the chuck. Since the chuck is lightweight, the user of the portable electric power drill or the air drill can operate with the high performance, and, the load of user will lighten.


Stable Accuracy

The selected materials of excellent quality are used for the body, cover, jaws and nut, and the proper heat-treatments are done on them. Therefore, the wear resistance is excellent and the stable accuracy is kept for a long time. Since the qualities of all parts are controlled, the run-out accuracy of the chuck is less than 0.2mm. If the chucks are used for mass-production at the manufacturers of electric power tools or air tools, the run-out accuracy is determined after consulting.

Drill Chucks Drill Chucks


Multi Chucks

unit : mm
Model Capacity Unify
Chuck key
D1 D2 L1 L2 d Weight
  M6.5LB 0.8~6.5 3/8-24UNF  MH10(6.5)T 29.5 21.5 50.5 40 9.67 100
  M10LB 1.5~10 3/8-24UNF  MH10(6.5)T 34 26 58 46.5 9.67 155
  M10LK 1.5~10 3/8-24UNF  MKK 34 26 58 46.5 9.67 150
  M13LK 1.5~13 3/8-24UNF  CKK 42.3 31 72.2 58 9.67 300

* For LB and LK, the shape and number of the bevel gear on the chuck key are different.
* One chuck key is attached.