PCD Reamer & Drill reamer

A reamer and drill reamer that employ a diamond sintered body (PCD) for the cutting edge.
Various types of tools are available according to your requirements of workpiece shapes, machining accuracy and tact time.

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The employment of diamond has improved the tool life significantly.

We design various types of tools by fully utilizing our extensive experience, advanced machining technology and high-level quality control that meet such requirements as severe hole diameter tolerance, surface roughness, roundness, concentricity and cylindricity.
Various options such as the chip breaker/holder-integrated type and process-integrated type are available to meet customer needs.



  • By integrating the formed stepped shape
  • complicated multi-step drilling operations can be completed in one shot. The use of sintered diamond improves the tool life significantly over conventional carbide tools. This tool produces quality surfaces without burn at a cutting speed above 300 m/min. This tool ensures consistent machining when emulsion water-soluble cutting fluid is used or in semi-dry conditions.


Non-ferrous metal parts such as automotive aluminum parts, engine valve guide holes, resin molded parts, aluminum die-cast alloys and spectacle lenses


  • Automobile/transportation equipment
  • Optical/precision equipment
  • Semiconductor/electronics、Machine/tool
  • Others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Magnetic material
  • Composite material
  • Semiconductor material
  • Resin/rubber
  • Others

Processing Method

  • Hole/milling
  • Others