Resin bond wheels – for cutting edge replacement chip thickness Flat Master

This wheel can retain its good sharpness in grinding the thickness of cutting edge replacement chips made of carbide and cermet materials.

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Ideal for thickness processing of carbide/cermet cutting-edge replacement chips

Processing the thickness of carbide/cermet cutting edge replacement chips involves a problem that abrasive grains are sunk into the bond by the grinding pressure to deteriorate the sharpness, causing the productivity to drop.
“Flat Master” employs highly rigid bond material to solve this problem, thus minimizing the drop in productivity.



  • Sinking of abrasive grans during grinding is minimized by employing highly rigid bond material to retain good sharpness for a long time.


Thickness processing of cutting-edge replacement chips of carbide/cermet



  • Machine/tools


Work Material

  • Carbide/cermet


Processing Method

  • Double-ended surface grinding and other grinding