Resin bond wheels – Super-heat resistant RESIACE

This wheel demonstrates its high performance in heavy grinding of difficult-to-cut materials such as cemented carbide and cermet. In particular, in grinding operations where the heat resistance of the bond plays a critical role, this wheel offers both of good sharpness and high shape retention simultaneously.

Demonstrates high performance in heavy grinding

Polyimide resin has the greatest heat resistance of all resins, and is used for functional materials of space aeronautics. RESIACE are super-heat resistance resin bonded wheels that maximize the features of polyimide resin. They demonstrate extremely high performance in grinding that usually causes deterioration from heat with conventional resin bonding.



  • The very high heat resistance protects the bond from becoming deteriorated due to heat under severe grinding conditions. Since the good sharpness lasts for a long time and the shape truing intervals are extended
  • the grinding efficiency can be improved and cost can be reduced.


Grooving of end mill/drill/reamer, breaker grinding of cutting edge replacement chips, and grinding of other tools (cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, etc.)



  • Machine/tools


Work Material

  • Carbide/cermet
  • ferrous material


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding
  • cylindrical grinding
  • flute grinding