Turning Tools – Nano endmill (Ball type)

UPC-Nano ballendmill


The world’ smallest class “R30 μm” and the world’s highest accuracy of profile 50 nm have been realized.

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World’s smallest class “R30 μm” ball type end mill.

Highly precise 3D machining is possible with very sharp cutting edge.
Also, not only many fine spherical holes can be machined within a short period of time, but also ultra precision 3D curved surfaces can be machined.



  • World’s smallest class “R30 μm” ball type end mill. The profile is the world highest accuracy of 50 nm.


Micro lens arrays, free curve sub-millimeter lenses, LCD light guide plate molds, micro parts machining


  • Optical/precision equipment
  • semiconductor/electronics
  • others

Work Material

  • Nonferrous metal material
  • Resin/rubber
  • Others

Processing Method

  • Hole/milling
  • Others