Complete line up from basic to software controlled, fully automatic model.

Highly evolved basic model

HV-110/120 System A

• Equipped with a high-performance motorized test force switching function and motorized turret mounts. Operates as smoothly as electric models.

• List function makes it easy to perform multi-point and average hardness evaluations, which required effort with conventional manual models. This enables consistency of test results.

• Motorized test force switching and motorized turret mounts are easily controlled via a color touch screen control panel.


Advanced model promising additional productivity improvements

HV-110/120 System B,C,D

• Built-in AVPAK dedicated image analysis software enabling automatic indentation reading achieves excellent automatic edge detection capability and completely eliminates reading variations and visual error.

• Model with power stage enabling automatic continuous testing is also available. This allows extended multi-point testing and multiple workpiece analysis to be carried out automatically with simple operation.

• Configuring a fully automatic system dramatically shortens the total cycle time for hardness testing, using AVPAK for batch control of the testing > analysis > report creation process.