Vitrified bond wheels – dressable diamond wheel

EG wheel


This wheel solves various problems associated with truing and dressing that conventional diamond wheels have suffered.

Good surface roughness, high efficiency grinding and long life.

Special ceramic bond is employed. The use of an exclusive diamond rotary dresser enables simple and easy truing with equipment and methods similar to those for CBN wheels and general grinding wheels and at the same time, dressing can be performed also. Furthermore, this epoch-making diamond wheel allows truing and dressing to be performed on a machine to ensure very high accuracy, enabling high precision grinding.



  • Truing and dressing can be performed simultaneously by using an exclusive rotary dresser. No special equipment techniques or skills are required. Performing these operations on a machine provides very high accuracy (run-out shape etc.). Since cutting edges can be generated to a high level of accuracy good surface roughness high efficiency grinding and long life can be expected.


High efficiency and high quality processing of carbide and ceramics parts



  • Machine/tool
  • optical/precision equipment


Work Material

  • Carbide/cermet
  • glass/ceramics


Processing Method

  • Surface grinding
  • cylindrical grinding
  • and other grinding