ZT Digital Force Gauge

ZT Series Digital Force Gauge with Luminescent EL Display, Intuitive Menu Driven Interface

Model ZTS (Standard)
Model ZTA (Advanced)

Standard Features

  • EL electro luminescent display is highly visible in dark locations
  • Multi-langauge program menus: English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
  • Export gauge memory or save continuous data to USB flash drives
  • Display force and displacement data with Imada FA test stand
  • 30,000 data/sec ultra-high sampling rate; Processes and transmits 2,000 data/sec.
  • Color-coded LED indicators and output signal for Go/No Go testing
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip grips, heavy duty metal construction
  • Capacity up to 1,100 lbs (push/pull)
  • Overload capacity 200% of F.S.
  • USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and Analog outputs
  • lbf, kgf, and N units are selectable
  • 1,000 data memory for recall or download
  • External switch display hold and clear
  • Internal Ni-MH batteries or AC adapter
  • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
  • Overload alarm and output signal
  • Kit includes, full set of attachments, ZT Logger data acquisition software, USB cable, AC adapter/charger, calibration cert traceable to
  • NIST and carrying case.

ZTS/ZTA Ranges (Resolution)

Shaft size: 10-32 up to 110 lbf, M6 for 220 lbf, M10 for 550 and above
Accuracy: up to ZTS/ZTA-220 ±0.2% F.S., ±1 LSD; ZTS/ZTA-550 and up ±0.3% F.S., ±1 LSD


ModelCapacity (Resolution)
ZTS-0.4 or ZTA-0.47.000 (0.001 ozf)200.0 (0.1 gf)2.000 (0.001 N)
ZTS-1 or ZTA-117.00 (0.01 ozf)500.0 (0.1 gf)5.000 (0.001 N)
ZTS-4 or ZTA-44.400 (0.001 lbf)2.000 (0.001 kgf)20.00 (0.01 N)
ZTS-11 or ZTA-1111.00 (0.01 lbf)5.000 (0.001 kgf)50.00 (0.01 N)
ZTS-44 or ZTA-4444.00 (0.01 lbf)20.00 (0.01 kgf)200.0 (0.1 N)
ZTS-110 or ZTA-110110.0 (0.1 lbf)50.00 (0.01 kgf)500.0 (0.1 N)
ZTS-220 or ZTA-220220.0 (0.1 lbf)100.0 (0.1 kgf)1000 (1 N)
ZTS-550 or ZTA-550550.0 (0.1 lbf)250.0 (0.1 kgf)2500 (1 N)
ZTS-1100 or ZTA-11001100 (1 lbf)500.0 (0.1 kgf)5000 (1 N)


ZT Series Specifications


Accuracyup to ZTS/ZTA-220 ±0.2% F.S., ±1 LSD; ZTS/ZTA-550 and up ±0.3% F.S., ±1 LSD
Selectable Unitslbf(ozf), kgf(gf) or Newtons
Overload Capacity200% of F.S. (Overload indicator flashes beyond 110% of F.S.)
PowerRechargeable Ni-MH battery pack or AC adapter
Battery IndicatorIndicates three charge states high, med and low
MemoryNon-volatile, recall up to 1,000 data
SetpointsProgrammable high/low setpoints w/ color-coded LEDs & output signal
OutputsOutputs USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and ± 2 VDC analog output
Operating Temp.Operating Temp. 32° to 100°F (0° to 40°C)


Product Name : ZT Digital Force Gauge