2-flute carbide ball end mill – AE-BD-H・AE-LNBD-H

A ball end mill for high-precision finishing of high-hardness steel with emphasis on machined surface accuracy. By adopting the new “DUROREY” coating ideal for high-hardness steel, high chipping resistance is made possible even for work materials exceeding 60 HRC, enabling longer tool life.

  • Newly developed DUROREY coating enables superior heat resistance and high toughness optimized for high-hardness steel milling!
  1. Thickening of the center core to prevent deformation of the ball tip and improve control of chipping.
  2. Superior ball R precision ±0.005
  • Superior shank accuracy. Supports h4 tolerance (0/-0.004).
  • AE-BD-H: Variable negative spiral gash
    While securing cutting quality by making the negative angle weaker near the outer periphery, chipping resistance is enhanced in combination with the weaker helix angle specification.


  • AE-LNBD-H: Teardrop-shaped outer periphery
    Strong back taper geometry enables milling by point, which prevents chattering and chipping, resulting in improvement of surface accuracy.

Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Tool Steel・Prehardened Steel・Hardened Steel・Stainless Steel・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron・Copper Alloy・Aluminum Alloy・Titanium Alloy・Heat Resistant AlloyLineup
2-flute type for high-precision finishing (AE-BD-H)
  • R0.5~R6
2-flute long neck type for high-precision finishing (AE-LNBD-H)
  • R0.05~R3
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Enables stable machining even in high-speed milling of STAVAX(53 HRC)


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Product Name : 2-flute carbide ball end mill – AE-BD-H・AE-LNBD-H