Carbide Long Drills with Oil Holes – ADO-40D・50D

Ultra-efficiency deep-hole 50xD drilling is made possible with the R gash geometry that breaks chips into compact pieces with excellent evacuation capability, as well as a unique flute specification and helix angle to ensure tool rigidity and hole accuracy.

  1. Unique R gash geometry enables super low cutting resistance and exceptional chip control
  2. New flute specification with smooth chip evacuation and high tool rigidity qualities ideal for ultra-deep-hole applications
  3. Highly rigid 25° helical flute


Low Carbon Steel・Mild Steel・Medium Carbon Steel・High Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Hardened Steel・Stainless Steel・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron Lineup

ADO-40D ∅3~∅10ADO-50D ∅3~∅8 Long tool life even in ultra-deep-hole drilling applications


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Product Name : Carbide Long Drills with Oil Holes – ADO-40D・50D