Code Readers-OCR

Code Readers can read 2D codes or bar codes and are available in installed or hand-held models.

Autofocus Multicode Reader/Multicode Reader
MicroHAWK V430-F / V420-F / V330-F / V320-F
Autofocus to read codes at different distances.


Laser-type Bar Code Reader
The World’s Smallest Bar Code Reader That Fits Essentially Anywhere. *According to OMRON investigation in January 2013.


Multi Code Reader
The Ultra-small Multi-code Reader That Can Handle Speed


Code Reader
FQ-CR Series
Exceptional Reading Performance with Easy Operation


HS-360X SeriesHandheld DPM Code Reader
HS-360X Series
“Ultra-Rugged” Hand Held Code Reader


LVS-9510 SeriesCode Verification System
LVS-9510 Series
Desktop Barcode Verification System


LVS-9580 SeriesCode Verification System
LVS-9580 Series
Portable Barcode Verification System


LVS-9585 SeriesCode Verification System
LVS-9585 Series
Portable Barcode Verification System


MS-3 SeriesLaser Barcode Reader
MS-3 Series
Ultra-Compact Laser Barcode Reader


QX-830 SeriesLaser Barcode Reader
QX-830 Series
Compact Industrial Laser Barcode Reader


QX-870 SeriesLaser Barcode Reader
QX-870 Series
Industrial Raster Laser Barcode Reader


V410-HHandheld Reader
Versatile, powerful decode performance for any application.


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Product Name : Code Readers-OCR