Even an expensive machine may sometimes not perform to its highest capacity just because of the limited performance of the mechanic clamping of the workpieces. Traditional mechanic clamping systems provide poor access to workpieces, limit the machine’s efficiency, and therefore decreased productivity. Other disadvantages include uneven and inconsistent holding forces. Moreover, it is difficult and time-consuming to setup, which reduces the machine time.


With such limitations, magnetic clamping was invented to provide better performance; it is lighter, more compact and easier to operate. The Magnetic Chuck (MTB) from Nabeya, Japan, features a plate and a control unit. Operation is easy, just mount the plug connector with the plate, press the green button to magnetize, then remove the plug connector. When finished work, mount the plug connector with the plate again and press the green button to shut down the system. The Magnetic Chuck (MTB) generates a strong magnetic clamping force of 6150 N but does not attract chips. It is capable of various milling, from heavy cutting to high speed cutting, and can be used with all types of machine without modification. This clamping system requires no maintenance.With the Magnetic Chuck (MTB) you can forgot screw tightening and other clumsiness of traditional.