Professional measuring instrument and data logger ALMEMO® 2470

  • ALMEMO® professional measuring instrument with data logger function
  • Functions for all application areas
  • 1 or 2 measuring inputs
  • Also with integrated sensor for temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure
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  • new Segmented color display with bright, white illumination
    Clear and easy-to-understand display of programming and measured values in 5 different colors and alarm display on a red background
  • new In the event of a limit value being overshot / undershot various freely configurable alarm messages are available, namely acoustic signal, visual LED signal, alarm display on a red background.
  • new With the 2470-1S /-2S these alarm messages are also configurable for long-term recording; in sleep mode the messages remain active and the most recent measured value is displayed continuously.
  • Good measuring accuracy, measuring rate up to 10 measuring operations per second (mops)
  • More than 65 standard measuring ranges
  • Support for ALMEMO® plugs with multi-point adjustment, special linearization, and special measuring ranges
  • Easy and convenient to operate by means of 7 keys, with configurable locking for keys and functions
  • Measuring functions : Maximum and minimum values, measured value smoothing, zero-setting, sensor adjustment
  • Programming functions : Limit values, sensor correction with base value and factor
  • All ALMEMO® functions programmable via interface
  • Modern, compact housing (IP54 option)