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ATC Alignment Tool – สำหรับปรับความแม่นยำ Spindle

To retain machine tool spindle accuracy!

For maintenance of machine tool spindle!
  • Measuring equipment of misalignment between the ATC arm and machine tool spindle or magazine pot center.
  • Dial indicator aids quick adjustment.


How to Use

  1. Mount the AL Shank on the machine spindle and AL Flange on the ATC Arm.
  2. Insert the AL Plug into the AL Flange.
  3. Rotate the AL Plug and find the highest and lowest positions indicated on the dial gauge. This direction is the center misalignment direction, and half the difference is the misalignment amount.
  4. Adjust the position of the ATC Arm so that the entire .D2 section of the AL Plug can be fully inserted into the AL Flange.



Product Name : ATC Alignment Tool – สำหรับปรับความแม่นยำ Spindle