Forming Rotary Dresser – for gear grinding

Disc Dresser


A gear forming dresser for worm general grinding wheels used for gear grinding maintains the high tooth shape accuracy stably.

Contributes to cost reduction of gear grinding process

A dresser for molding tooth shape of warm-shaped general whetstones used for grinding gear.
Precision electrodeposition technology, high accuracy grinding surface truing technology and our original tooth shape design technology allow for stably maintaining high tooth shape precision, contributing to the reduction of gear grinding process cost.



  • Because it has high tooth shape retention ability
    the tool life is stabilized. Designing required dresser shape based on the data including gear specifications and whetstone shape is possible.


Used for dressing of worm-shaped general whetstones used for grinding the tooth of automobile and machine gears.


  • Automobile/transportation equipment
  • machine/tool

Processing Method

  • Truing/dressing