Hybrid GI Chucks หัวจับเครื่องมือสำหรับงานไฮสปีด

Most Suitable for High Speed and Fine Machining to Require High Precision.

Integrated runout accuracy of 3μm
guaranteed with the collet holder system


A combination of the highly stable inside locknut system with popularly used Super G1 Chuck,enables minimizing the runout to the utmost limit. 3μm of integrated runout accuracy is guaranteed with standard Super G1 Chuck with a collet.

Easy operation of collet holder with higher
precision than that of shrink-fit holder


Hybrid G1 Chuck of collet holder system,having the same or better runout accuracy as that of the shrink-fit holders, does not require any other special equipment such as heating device, much curtailing the tool changing time.

Usable up to 50,000min-1

Simple and straight outside appearance, having no apace of the locknut,controls to minimize the aerodynamic noise and cutting fluid dispersion. Small-sized locknut enables minimizing the floating affection to the balancing.

Example of small pitch perforation in the least diameter

What means integrated runout Accuracy

Indication of runout accuracy differs by each manufacturer. but YUKIWA guarantees accuracy at the point of 4d distance as the Integrated Runout Accuracy with a collet being set to the holder, practically same condition to the actual machining. Difference will be clear if compared to others.

Hybrid G1 Chucks with BT Shank

Special sizes other than the above will be also available on request.
Collets, Spanners, Retention Knobs, Length Adjustment Bolts, Coolant Sealing Back-up Screws are to be placed order separately.

SG Collets

Collets in special diameters other than standard diameters shown above and also inch size collets will be available.
The SG collets are capable to squeeze 0.1mm to the nominal diameter.

Lock Nuts


Spanners for Coolant Sealing Back-up Screw are separate accessories.