TQC / TQN Holder ระบบหัวจับเปลี่ยนหัวเร็ว

Archived satisfactory result of tooling system for special-purpose machines! Quick-change system with Duplex-holding by taper and flat surface.

Outstanding High-Precision and High-Rigidity

Press contact of the flat surfaces of the spindle and the chuck is directed by the taper contacting, which brings about excellent runout accuracy, boring precision and repeatability of tool changing, and also minimizing slight waviness at the machining and thus enabling suit for heavy-duty cutting.

Minimized working space for tool changing

Due to the short and tapered shank, the tool changing is possible even in a very limited space.

Safety and Assurance

The locking of the chuck to the spindle is secured by the eccentric pin and the steel balls, ensuring the locking even at an emergency stoppage as well as in such machining of both CW and CCW rotations at the tapping work.

TQC Holders Tooling Systems

TQC Holder Dimensions


TQC New Drill Mill Chucks

TQC New Drill Mill Chuck (V Flange type)

TQC Super G1 Chucks

Collet and Spanner are not included in the above. They are separate accessories.


Spindle Nose Dimensions


Product Name : TQC / TQN Holder ระบบหัวจับเปลี่ยนหัวเร็ว