Distributor / Dealer

Sumipol is always ready to support our dealers with comprehensive, high-quality products and responsive service.



We help select a variety of production technologies. Ensuring that customers get the most effective products and always the most worthwhile


With a professional team, We are ready to support our important partners. Both in technical and sales development for success together


Our experienced, professional teamwork in compliance with high standards to deliver responsive service


Our Solution
Promote production efficiency with ready-to-use products. Store quality products. Ready to deliver with a professional team.
Our Solution
Latest technology updates for customers and those interested in the industry For understanding in new production technology Compliant with Industry 4.0
Our Solution
Technical consulting services, Choosing the right tool. Demonstrate and suggest the correct usage method
Our Solution
After sales service Including continuous consultation to increase production efficiency to be up to date


Machining Solutions

Consulting on automation machinery From system installation to actual usage Including choosing the right machinery for your production

Measuring Solutions

Because quality and standards are at the heart of production We choose the use of measuring technology for the most accurate results.

Factory Automation Solutions

Design automation systems that are appropriate for the customer’s production and budgeting needs. Connect production line data with IoT systems in terms of quality, productivity and efficiency.

We are ready to provide service

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