4-Corner Roughing End Mill – PSFL

High productivity cutter with no chatter even in deep milling applications.

  • Special body design prevents vibration.
  1. Unequal lead alignment.
  2. Unequal spacing teeth.
  • Economical high durability 4-corner insert.
  • Sharp cutting edge and large positive rake angle reduce cutting resistance.
Mild Steel・Carbon Steel・Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Die Steel・Stainless Steel (Dry)・Stainless Steel (Wet)・Cast Iron・Ductile Cast Iron・Aluminum Alloy・Superalloy (Wet)・Titanium Alloy (Wet)・Pre-hardened Steel・Steel for Die CastingLineup
Straight Shank Type (PSFL SS) φ32・φ40Bore Type (PSFL BORE) φ50~φ100Data
High productivity milling with 1.5 times efficiency The anti-vibration feature of the special body design enables the suppression of chatteringHigh productivity milling with 1.5 times efficiency


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Product Name : 4-Corner Roughing End Mill – PSFL