Bore Gages Series 511-Short Leg Type

  • Compact and lightweight due to the short length below the grip.
  • Longer plunger stroke with no effect on accuracy.
  • Carbide contact point ensures high durability and wear resistance.
  • This model reduces the influence of heat from the operator’s hand by 50% by increasing the grip size and making the grip hollow-structured, thereby retaining high-accuracy measurement.
  • The indicator (dial indicator, Digimatic indicator) and dial protection cover are optional. Select
    an indicator from the recommended dial indicators and Digimatic indicators. Please contact us
    for advice when using an indicator other than the recommended indicators.
  • A Bore Gage Checker and a range of Setting Rings are available to aid in accurately setting a
    gage before making a measurement.

Technical Data
Accuracy: 5µm / .0002”
Indication stability: 2µm / .00008”
Graduation: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .0005” or .0001″


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Product Name : Bore Gages Series 511-Short Leg Type